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Retaining Wall Installation in Pittsburgh PA

Are you constantly battling erosion in your yard? Do you want to have more useable space in your outdoor space? Retaining wall installation is the most common hardscaping service in Pittsburgh PA. Because of the natural landscape and affect that construction has on our natural habitat, many of our clients choose to install retaining walls on their property. Artistic Tree and Landscape Creations will create a retaining wall that is fully incorporated into your landscape in Pittsburgh, Gibsonia, Allison Park, Cranberry, Wexford, McCandless, Mars, North Hills, Fox Chapel, and Harmarville PA.

Types of Retaining Walls: High-Quality Materials with Every Project in Pittsburgh PA

Because of the need for retaining walls, we are happy to provide this necessary update for homeowners in the community. We specialize in the two major types of retaining walls which are made from natural stone or block. Our specialists can help you determine the best size of retaining wall block or stone for your outdoor space.


Pittsburgh PA Retaining Wall Construction: The Right Wall for You

There are different factors to consider when figuring out the best retaining wall construction for your outdoor space. Retaining walls:

 Prevent Sinking of Soil and Landscaping
 Limit Flooding
 Reduces Maintenance Needed in the Yard
 Keeps Soil in Place
 Lower the Chance of Property Damage and
     Surrounding Structures
 Prevents Erosion Which is a Significant Issue
     in Pennsylvania

Wall - Retaining Wall Installation in Pittsburgh PA

Whether you are a homeowner that maintains a large garden and you want more space for your plants or you simply want your children to be able to play safely in your yard, retaining wall installation is the perfect option for you.

Retaining Wall Specialists Create Functional & Beautiful Design in Pittsburgh PA

Our retaining wall specialists have worked with clients with a wide range of needs and yards of every size. Always turn to professional for retaining wall construction because this update needs to be designed and installed properly. Our team has the right tools and years of experience with these outdoor updates. It is our passion to create functional designs that complement the look of the exterior of every customer's home. We are proud to offer free estimates to potential clients looking for professional retaining wall installation.

Contact us today to learn more about how a retaining wall update will transform your outdoor space. We are proud to serve clients throughout
the communities of Pittsburgh, Gibsonia, Allison Park, Cranberry, Wexford, McCandless, Mars, North Hills, Fox Chapel, and Harmarville PA.